What You Get

Dr. Fuller works with you to provide customized analytics for your community and derive the maximal value of your data. His analysis includes the following and much more:


"Illumination Analytics is, in my opinion, one of the most innovative and important activities connected with onsite care in senior communities. It will guide key healthcare-related activities in both ILFs and ALFs, everything from training programs for facility personnel to team-based disease management programs according to the identified clinical needs of the resident population. Dr. Steve Fuller’s pioneering work in medical informatics and “clinical profiling” has transformed the huge amount of clinical data collected by our practice into useful insights and actionable information. With his help, we have been able to identify, investigate and when appropriate, correct shortfalls in documentation, as well as deviations from treatment regimens our practice recommends. In short, his work has become essential to the quality improvement initiatives of our practice -- one of the largest and most sophisticated geriatric practices in the U.S."

- Dr. Alan Kronhaus
Adjunct Associate Professor, Campbell University

Principal, DoctorsMakingHousecalls (the largest geriatric practice in North Carolina, providing onsite care at over 160 retirement communities) and a regional Medical Director for Brookdale Senior Living.