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illumination analytics
Reduce resident turnover and improve marketing!
See ‘At-a-Glance’ all the essential health information of your community and of every resident!
health profiles
Why Health Profiles?
Use "At-a-Glance' HEALTH PROFILES to help stabilize failing health, reduce resident turnover, and increase referrals.
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How Do Health Profiles Work?
Illumination Analytics creates a database from easily available resident health information. 

We then drill down into the database to find the essential relationships needed to construct your health profiles.
how health profiles work
what you get
What You Get
• Clinical and Demographic Profiling
• Comparison of important health and demographic features of all your communities
• Gap Analyses
• Acuity Analyses
• Includes Acuity Index that predicts resident hospitalization risk
• Quality Improvement Project recommendations
• Subject matter analyses
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Illumination Analytics

llumination Analytics is part of a greater vision of Healthcare for seniors that seeks to promote the Triple Aim of health reform: